Do you remember the scene in the movie “Despicable Me” where Gru lays the rumors to rest?

For those of you who haven’t seen the animated film, it’s about a super-villain, who adopts three young girls as part of his plan to steal a super weapon from a fellow villian. He takes the girls to his suburban home that doubles as a his underground lair where he, and thousands of short yellow minions plan nefarious deeds – their latest plan to steal the moon.
But a fat cat bank executive tells Gru that he is too old and out of date and that the bank will not loan him the money for his rocket to the moon. At home Gru gathers his minions to tell them the rumors are true – the bank will not give him the money to back his plan. They will never get to the moon. Amid a sea of fallen faces, he feels a small hand poking him in the back. He turns to see the three little girls – one handing him her piggy bank. Before he can say no, all of the minions start giving him their money to make their dream of building a rocket come true.

The beauty in children’s movies is the simplicity of universal truths. Giving is good. Sharing can make a dream come true. Collaborating can mean the difference between success and defeat.
We here at the MJL are asking you to give. To share. To collaborate. With your help we can make our dreams come true, to help build a community where access to media is fair, where technological education is affordable, and communication systems are protected.
Foundation funding is down from years past and it is a source of money we can no longer depend on so heavily. So we are calling on friends, family and supporters to be our first group of private donors to help us match the grant.
Sharing is caring!
Let’s be honest here – being a musician, media maker, or community organizer is not the easiest way to a comfortable middle-class life. But at least musicians and media makers can feel good knowing that we have their back all year long! This year, for the first time, we are humbly asking to have your support.

Since 2005, MJL’s network has been promoting, preserving, and protecting the music and media ecosytems. With a little support, no matter how big or small, from our friends, supporters, peers, associates, moms, dads, and anyone else within earshot, MJL can continue being a voice for San Antonio.

In 2012 we are planning to:

  • Utilize our in-house social media knowledge to further educate the public on the true value of local music and media.
  • Organize call-to-action meetings and forums with leaders in government, business, education and non-profits city-wide.
  • Continue our fight to protect your access to an open and neutral internet
  • Pump up our work educating musicians through Local782’s San Antonio Music Coaltion.
  • Make people more aware of original San Antonio music with our 3rd Annual Local Music Week
  • Keep standing up for artists’ and media makers free speech rights by working in coalition with other groups that advocate for real changes that benefit our communities and the public.

For an organization as small as the Media Justice League, your (tax-deductible!) contribution truly makes a difference. So if you appreciate what we do, and want to help us keep doing it, please make a contribution today. Donations of all sizes are meaningful and welcome.

Please donate today. You can visit our donation page to make a contribution online. Support can also be sent by mail to:

Media Justice League and Local782
1414 East Commerce
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Media Justice League is fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization, the Martinez Street Women’s Center. Contributions are fully tax-deductible.

In community,

The Media Justice League